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Join Us for the 2024 City of Mural Community Festival!

Welcome to the 2024 City of Mural Community Festival, hosted by United We Go! We're thrilled to bring you an exciting week-long celebration of art, diversity, and community engagement in Bay City. This festival will feature the creation of three breathtaking murals, each reflecting the core values of our community, building owners, and United We Go.

Event Overview

From August 13th to 31st, Bay City will transform into a canvas of vibrant colors and creative expression. Our festival aims to bring people together through art, fostering a sense of unity and inclusiveness.

Special Thanks: We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Bay Area Community Foundation and our local business sponsors for their generous support. Your contributions are instrumental in making this festival a success. (Sponsor logos to be updated soon)

Mural Painting Details

Our talented artists will be working on three prominent walls around Bay City:

  • Wall 1 (Indie Spot): 48ft x 12ft

  • Wall 2 (Ace Hardware): 40ft x 13ft

  • Wall 3 (Buoy 18): 60ft x 9ft

These murals will be a collaborative effort, showcasing the unique styles and perspectives of each artist involved.

Call for Artists

We are now accepting applications from mural artists at all stages of their careers. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work, collaborate with fellow artists, and contribute to a meaningful community project.

Event Timeline

Here’s what you can look forward to during the festival:

  • August 13th: Andy Warhol Day at Willew Lounge - Festival Kickoff (separate event page to be created)

  • August 16th-25th: Mural Painting

  • August 25th: I AM YOUTH Fashion Show at Buoy 18:

  • August 28th-31st: Mural Unveiling at Dry Dock (separate event page to be created)

How You Can Get Involved

Sponsors Needed: We are seeking silent auction items, in-kind donations (such as food, snacks, and coffee for artists, as well as food and water for volunteers), and sponsors for mural creation. If you're interested in supporting this vibrant community event, please reach out to us at:

Local Student Participation: We're inviting local students passionate about art to join in on the mural creation process. This is a wonderful opportunity for young artists to gain experience and contribute to a community project. If interested, please contact us.

Stay Connected

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to email us at:

We are so excited to collaborate with our community and bring these beautiful murals to life. Let’s make Bay City even more colorful and connected!

Stay tuned for more updates and additional event pages. We can't wait to see you there!

About United We Go:United We Go is a community organization dedicated to promoting diversity, harmony, and community engagement through various programs and events. Our mission is to create a welcoming and connected community where everyone is valued and included. Learn more about our work and how you can get involved at our website.

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