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"City of Mural" Community Festival

The "City of Mural Community Festival" is a vibrant annual event that celebrates and showcases the rich tradition of mural art within a city or community, featuring live mural painting, art exhibitions, cultural performances, and community engagement activities. It serves as a platform to unite artists and residents in a colorful celebration of local artistry and heritage.

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2023 "City of Mural" Community Festival

Sep 9th and 10th 2023, 300 Center Ave, Bay City. MDL Alley Way, 10 mural artists collectively installed a 82 by 14 feet mural. With the support of all the sponsors, the passion from all the vendors, musicians, volunteers, hosts.  

we want to thank all our sponsors:

Bay Area Community Foundation, United Bay Community Credit Union Lucky Star Rental, J & J Express Home Improvements, REMAX Results Bay City.

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Event Highlights

city of mural 2023_edited.jpg

                    Stories Behind This Collective Design ...

This vibrant mural is a tapestry of life's ever-changing essence, weaving together nature's wonders and human connection. It harmoniously blends elements of plants, people, animals, insects, and the four fundamental forces: fire, water, earth, and air.


At its heart, this mural radiates the profound theme of "Unity through Diversity." It resonates with the core values of both MDL and United We Go, celebrating partnership, community, personal growth, collaboration, harmony, diversity, equality, and the essence of being united as one.


The butterfly, a symbol of transformation, mirrors the continuous journey of life. Just as time flows, the small businesses in our community breathe life into our collective tapestry, much like the intricate details within the mural.

Life's transformational journey touches every facet of our existence. Communication emerges as the guiding star, embodied by the blue Jay with its key of wisdom. It reminds us that, regardless of the domain we seek growth in, effective communication is the bridge to navigate our relationships and propel our lives forward. Congo's second mural exemplifies unity through diversity, offering inspiration for personal and collective growth.

Once communication is mastered, we encounter the inevitable challenges that stir our emotions. These emotions sway our choices, but when our path is clear, we must navigate intense emotional waters with faith and courage, much like the hummingbird, which can fly in reverse. Embracing the hummingbird's spirit can help us navigate these emotional currents as we make the necessary decisions in our lives.


Seagulls, fierce and bold, symbolize the youth in our community. They fearlessly pursue their desires and, with childlike wonder, embrace the beauty of life. They remind us to appreciate the world's marvels, from plants to fish to insects, infusing joy, happiness, and curiosity into our lives. Throughout this transformative journey, remember that you are never alone; reach out to the community, for we are bound together in unity.

United We Go has the copyrights of this Mural Interpretation, please refer to us if you use the interpretation above. 

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Check the link from ABC 12 news about our mural unveiling event:

Mural Artist Highlight

2023 "City of Mural" Community Festival, we had 10 mural artists participated in our Collective Mural Painting. 

Check out the article that Route Bay City did on our mural festival:

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