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Community Events

Bring Diversity, Playful, Inclusive to the community

We are proudly to bring you different kinds of events and activities to create the safe space for people to connect with one another, to get to know one another and to enjoy life with one and another.

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Fancy DJ

Co-Create, Diversity, Harmony

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Please check each event to see the details. 

We support small businesses, minority businesses, youth, elder, LGBTQ, independent artists, disabilities, veterans and other forms vendors. 

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Event Highlights

Festival Testimonial


Hello, I’m Congo. First of all, I’m very grateful to United We Go for the wonderful opportunity to be part of their first festival in the City of Mural 2023. I truly appreciated the organization and the consistently positive energy of the people in Bay City; I fell in love with the city. The warm welcome and amenities such as good accommodation, delicious food, and, most importantly, the chance to meet new artists with whom it was a joy to paint and share. Now, I can call them friends!

Always thankful to the organization, the city, its people, and the sponsors. I hope to have the opportunity to return soon ⭐️

Congo from Peru

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