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United We Go Grand Launching Celebration

With the May flowers, we are proudly announcing United We Go a newly founded 501 (c) (3)non-profit organization landing in Baycity community.

United We Go focusing on encouraging co-create and celebrating diversity and harmony through community engagement.

United We Go vision: everyone is welcomed, everyone is connected despite our differences, we want to anchor this harmonized co-existing vision in the local community.

You are invited to our 5/20/2023 GRAND LAUNCHING CELEBRATION at Water Street Nutrition to celebrate with our team and local community members that helped and supported us to anchor the mission and vision to this reality.

We are still open for the food and drink sponsorship, live music sponsorship, silent auction sponsorship.

Email: if you interested in any sponsorship above.

Please RESPOND TO THIS INVITATION by 5/15 via email to with Your name, phone number, how many guest you bring.

Looking forward to celebrating with you all.

********************************************** Our first annual event is a live music and art festival in MDL alley way happening this July(14-16) check the link below.

Our second annual event is Annual United We Go event in Wenonah park on 9/10/2023. See less

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