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Celebrating Cinco De Mayo: A Fiesta of Community and Connection

Hello friends and community members,

We are thrilled to share the joyous memories of a spectacular event that brought immense joy, culture, and unity to our beloved Bay City. On May 4th, United We Go partnered with Gilly’s Bistro to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, and it was a day filled with unforgettable moments! 🎊🎉🥰 Another milestone for United We Go! 🙏

Cinco De Mayo is a vibrant celebration of Mexican heritage and culture, and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to honor this festive day than by coming together as a community. The event perfectly embodied the spirit of United We Go’s mission: to encourage collaboration, celebrate diversity, and foster inclusion through community engagement.

Thanks to the super awesome teammates and volunteers, we successfully collaborated with Gilly's Bistro to make this Cinco de Mayo celebration a success. We enjoyed the crowd and loved our time at the event. Here’s a special shout-out to our incredible team who made it all possible:

  • Stephanie, Markus, and Jessica: You three definitely bring the dream team for our organization.

  • Trevor: You are an angel to us; thanks for the long, long day shift with us!

  • Kenzie: You are the lifesaver, always having our back.

  • Keith: We wish you a bright future ahead; it was a pleasure to have you as our intern.

  • Danielle and Alexus: You two are key for many things in our organization, and we thank you so much.

  • Laurie: Thank you for coming up, helping, and supporting us.

  • @dave_ketelhut: Thank you for always being there for us, problem-solving, and ensuring our operations run smoothly and efficiently.

We also extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy and support us. Your kindness and generosity are undeniable and unconditional, embodying the slogan on the t-shirts we wore: Live Generously! 🙏

Event Highlights:

  • Delicious Food & Drinks: From 10 am to 10 pm, Gilly’s Bistro served up their delectable dishes, providing ample opportunity for everyone to indulge in their culinary delights. The festivities continued outside in the back parking lot, where food was served until 11 pm, allowing us all to savor every bite late into the evening.

  • Refreshing Drinks: United We Go offered a variety of refreshing drinks from 12 pm to 11:30 am. The selection ranged from traditional margaritas to non-alcoholic refreshments, ensuring there was something for everyone to enjoy.

  • Live Music: DJ Dwayne Medel set the perfect mood with his incredible music starting at 6 pm. The lively tunes had everyone dancing and celebrating together, creating an electrifying atmosphere that carried us through the night.

  • A Welcoming Atmosphere: The event was free to enter, making it accessible to everyone in our community. We created a space where everyone felt welcomed and connected, celebrating our differences and coming together as one.

Event Details:

  • Date: May 4th

  • Time: 10 am to 12 am

  • Location: Gilly’s Bistro, 1023 N Johnson St, Bay City, MI 48708, United States

We are immensely grateful to our sponsors and the businesses that contributed to our silent auction. Your support is truly appreciated, and your passion and dedication are truly inspiring. Special thanks to:

  • Diamond Image Auto Spa

  • Allied Group Fitness Studio

  • Ghoul Reality Check Bay City, LLC

  • Tummy Ache Candy Store

  • Great Lakes Shark Sock Co.

  • Exploring Bath Bombs

  • Kidneys For Kids

  • Beiby Bamboo Matching Outfits

We also want to warmly thank Gilly, Diana, and their entire team for hosting us in their backyard. We witnessed firsthand how they serve the community and love their people. We are honored to have partnered with you all. 🙏🙌 Thank you.

We look back on this day with fondness and gratitude. It was truly an incredible experience that showcased the best of what our community has to offer.

For any future events or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Gilly’s Bistro or United We Go at We look forward to creating more beautiful memories with all of you.

Thank you for being a part of this special celebration!

With warm regards,

United We Go & Gilly’s Bistro

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